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Join us as we begin our new Ladies of Grace small group cycle for the year! 

We have both a daytime and evening studies available this cycle. Scroll down the page to read the details and options available.

HOW TO REGISTER: Read through the studies listed and prayerfully consider which you would like to participate in. At the bottom of this page you will find the registration form. Simply select the study you wish to choose and follow the registration prompts to sign up. Be sure to indicate the names and ages of your children if you need childcare. Contact Sarah Starnes here with any questions.

Evening Studies

The new evening format will begin on September 7th, bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7pm (alternating with the Guys of Grace study night). The first 30 mins will be an all-group meeting for encouragement, worship, group prayer, etc. Ladies will then split into small groups for 1 hour in various classrooms to discuss whichever of four studies below they have chosen. Groups are encouraged to interact during “off” weeks, communicating prayer requests and serving one another. Each group is facilitated by at least two co-leaders.


September 7, 21
October 5, 19
November 2, 16, 30
(Off all December)
January 11, 25
February 8, 22
March 8, 22
April 5, 19


Book of Hebrews: “Better” – by Jen Wilkin

Full study is viewable/printable here.

Excellent inductive study of the book of Hebrews, very in depth but very accessible. Essentially walks us through the process of learning HOW to study the Bible while we actually study it, using the great study methods Jen covered in her book, Women of the Word. The writer of Hebrews goes to great lengths to prove that Jesus Christ is far superior to everything his readers had left behind for his sake. In our world of confusing priorities, here we learn how Jesus is so much BETTER – what makes Jesus worthy of our worship, worthy of our vigorous pursuit, worthy of our very lives. Small group participants will do homework at home and discuss together in the group.



Colossians and Philemon: “Continue to Live in Him” (Living Word Bible Studies) – by Kathleen Nielsen

Read/view sample here.

Another excellent inductive study, very similar to Hebrews study above. Also teaches study by doing, with similar homework completed at home, then discussed in your group. Colossians and Philemon are beautiful and fascinating letters written during the first remarkable years of growth in the early church. They complement each other as two New Testament texts that gloriously display the gospel and its implications for how God’s people should live today. This study will help readers see how both letters resonate with the apostle Paul’s overriding passion: magnifying Jesus Christ as the supreme manifestation of God’s redemptive purposes.



Book Discussion: “When People Are Big and God Is Small” – by Ed Welch

Read/view sample here.

The fear of man is a much larger reality than most would care to admit. This study gets to the root of peer pressure, people-pleasing, co-dependency, pride, introversion, and self-pity; and will explore the wonderful news of God’s love and transforming power. This amazing study digs deep into the core of some of our most difficult struggles and guides us to the incredible true freedom found in a right view of God. Small group participants will read book chapters at home and discuss together as a group.



DVD Discussion: “Lost in the Middle” – by Paul Tripp

Sample and full info here.

The struggles of midlife begin long before midlife – Don’t wait until you’re lost. This excellent material exposes the struggles of mid-life for those in the middle and teaches younger adults how to avoid the common pitfalls in advance. Tripp teaches that difficulties in life aren’t evidence of God’s inattention. Instead, they are signs of His grace, love, and faithfulness. God will take us where we don’t want to go to produce in us what we couldn’t achieve on our own. It’s called uncomfortable grace. Small group participants will watch DVD segments and discuss. This option is ideal for those wanting the benefit of small group study but NO HOMEWORK. There is a printable notebook available with notes to follow along here.


Daytime Study

Beginning September 13th, on Tuesdays, meeting bi-weekly at 10am (alternating weeks with the ladies Wednesday night meeting), we will have a special study focus on “Intentional Nurturing.” This is primarily, but not exclusively, focused on coming alongside our young mothers. The format will create a forum for more seasoned mothers to lovingly encourage new moms as we go through the following books below in order.


September 13, 27
October 11, 25
November 8, 22
(Off all December)
January 3*, 17, 31
February 14, 28
March 14, 28
April 11, 25



“Engaging Motherhood” – by Holly Mackle and Linda Barrett

View more info here.

“Let’s face it, there’s a lot of pressure on mamas these days. So naturally, evil wants to get in and have its way with this very tender, emotional, and often-trying time in a woman’s life. We have found that women in this stage are begging for affirmation, but that cry is deeply covered by the scary newness of it all. As a result, many focus on figuring out the how-to’s instead of seeking answers to the deep questions at the core of what they’re really asking…” Join us to dig into the deeper issues and find hope, identity and purpose as we engage motherhood God’s way. Small group participants will read the chapters at home covering Role Change, Control, Perfectionism, Comparison, Loneliness, Expecting Emotions, and Spiritual Life After Baby Arrives.



“Mom Enough: The Fearless Mother’s Heart and Hope” – by Desiring God contributors: Rachel Jankovic, Gloria Furman, Rachel Pieh Jones, Christine Hoover, Carolyn McCulley, Trillia Newbell, Christina Fox

Read more info here.

The second book we will look at includes twenty-four contributed pieces from seven mothers, exploring the daily trials and worries of motherhood. In the trenches, these mothers have learned how to treasure God and depend on his grace. We will use various selections from the book as a discussion springboard during our meetings.