The Church, which is God’s possession and the body of Christ, exists for the glory of God (I Peter 2:9, 10), the upbuilding of the saints (Eph. 4:11-13), and the proclamation of the gospel to all peoples (Mt. 28-.18-20). It is primarily to this last goal that the missions work of the Church is directed. However, in the proclamation of the gospel the goal is ultimately the glory of God and the upbuilding of God’s elect in all nations.

The primary purpose of missions is the glory of God.

The establishment and upbuilding of the Church is a part of the overall purpose of bringing glory to God.

The proclamation of the gospel and the conversion of the nations are a necessary part of the upbuilding of the Church.


Who/What We Support:


Missions of Grace (MoG):

MoG Mission Statement: Encouraging each other to extend the Grace of God to our local and global neighbor.

The team was established in the spring of 2018 as a result of several GCPC members’ heart for missions. The current team members are: Dan Bent, Tracy Carter, Andrew Caudal, Josh and Lisa Emrich, Scott and Ann Geer, Wendell and Karen Medlin, John and Samantha Rohde, and Tom and Karen Sterrett. We typically meet the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you are interested in helping out and/or joining the team, please contact any of the members listed above.


Upcoming Events and Ways to Pray:

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Missions Policy Draft 2.3

MTW (Mission to the World)

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Feel free to contact the team at MoGgcpcfw@gmail.com